Who we are

Adrian Mingay

A photographer who picked up his first camera at the age of six. This passion for photography has become one of the dual loves of Adrian’s life – the other being fast cars; ASA Infinity Studios is the perfect vehicle for Adrian to work with the things he loves best! Adrian spent much of his teens photographing motoring events. One of his fondest memories involves being on the Grid at Brands Hatch, aged twelve, as a guest of Ilford Film at the BOAC Six Hour Endurance Race – something he has never forgotten. Between then and now, Adrian became an apprentice engineer, supplementing his income by doing wedding photography. A career in architecture and commerce kept him busy until the seed of the idea for ASA Infinity Studios came along earlier this year.

Contact Adrian at ASA Infinity Studios 01825 873589
Mobile 07966 722039

Simon Parris

The practical member of the team at ASA Infinity Studios. He is the person who always knows how to build it, plan it or make it work! Simon grew up with his father’s vintage and veteran cars around him, which helped form his passion for beautiful cars. Simon became an engineer before working in the water treatment industry. A defining time in his life was a six-month trip across Australia in a 1921 Hispano Suiza. He never looked back, and his resolve to build his passion for beautiful cars into his life continued to grow. Subsequently, Simon discovered the site where ASA is based today, and turned a disused farm into state-of-the-art photographic studios – capable of photographing the most beautiful of cars, and much more.

Contact Simon at ASA Infinity Studios 01825 873589
Mobile 07778 912278

Tony Rogers

One of the resident photographers at ASA Infinity studios. His background is in cutting-edge studio and location photography, much of it involving the car industry. Tony established Grey2Black Photography in 2003 and since then has been building a prestigious portfolio of clients in the corporate, advertising and charity sectors. Tony graduated from Rochester KIAD in 2003. For his degree show he produced a series of black and white photographs of historic Formula 1 circuits including the infamous Nordschleife and Spa-Francorchamps, photographed on medium format film cameras. He prides himself on achieving the best image possible through the lens of his camera, rather than at the post-production stage. Since 2003, Tony’s work has been mainly linked to the automotive market. He has built up a solid and respected reputation within this field.

Contact Tony at ASA Infinity Studios 01825 873589
Mobile 07870 604843

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